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Clouser Drilling Water Well Drilling Medford OR Why Us?

Why Us?

An Oregon-based company, Clouser Drilling is passionate about preserving the pure, clean groundwater in our beautiful state. A family-owned business, spanning four generations of drillers, we are committed to quality procurement of this vital resource. Clouser Drilling is one of the most reputable well drilling companies in Oregon and has been providing the Southern Oregon and Northern California region with safe, clean well water since 1971.

We are vested in both our community and industry. Working together, we’ll determine the best water system to meet your goals and safeguard the health of your family, farm, or community.

Trust the Experts

Clouser Drilling Water Well Drilling Medford OR Expertise

Knowledge of local geology and successful drilling methods comes from extensive experience and dedication to improvement.

Clouser Drilling Water Well Drilling Medford OR Quality & Integrity
Quality & Integrity

Serve as the foundation for lasting relationships and repeat customers. The result, a long successful drilling history with a strong reputation on a local and state level.

Clouser Drilling Water Well Drilling Medford OR Professionalism

We invest in quality personnel and capable equipment to provide dependable services our clients can count on.