About Us - Clouser Drilling. Water Well Drilling Services for Medford OR

A family-owned business, spanning four generations of drillers

We are committed to the quality procurement of this vital resource. Dedication to our customers, community and industry has led to a long successful history of drilling with a strong reputation at both the local and state level. When it comes to your project our expertise, quality, integrity and professionalism are what set us apart from the competition.

  • Expertise
  • Quality & Integrity
  • Professionalism

Expertise comes from experience and commitment to continued improvement, resulting in a deep understanding of local geology and best practices. We have firm knowledge of, and influence on, evolving laws and trends in the water well industry. We have been the leader in new well construction in Josephine and Jackson County since 2005. With over 980k feet drilled and 4500 wells completed in our company’s history, our extensive experience gives us a competitive edge in both drill site selection and best drilling practices. As a customer, you have an expert in your corner.

Quality and Integrity

Quality and Integrity are rooted at the core of our company values. We care for our customers and the outcome of their projects which gives them confidence their best interests are being served. The result has been repeat customers and referrals comprising the majority of our business. We understand this is a large investment and, for most customers, a water supply their family will rely upon for years. As a customer, this means quality workmanship, quality materials, and a lasting relationship.


Professionalism starts with our organized office staff and continues with our knowledgeable and hard-working field staff. Our top-notch personnel are the driving force behind our company to effectively execute on our projects. We employ qualified individuals with diverse skills and experience who share the same passion. As a customer, this means dependable results you can trust.

About Us - Clouser Drilling. Water Well Drilling Services for Medford OR
About Us - Clouser Drilling. Water Well Drilling Services for Medford OR
Water well drilling, as with any natural resource procurement, comes with inherent risks. Don’t take a risk on your well contractor.

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