Well Products and Services

What We Offer

An Oregon-based company, Clouser Drilling is passionate about preserving the pure, clean ground water in our beautiful state.

When you hire us to handle your well drilling job, you can rest assured knowing you are getting professional-grade services. We use only the most modern equipment, such as rotary air drill rigs and steel well casing.

Our under-reaming system also efficiently drills holes and drives casing simultaneously. This allows us to achieve optimum water drilling functionality every time. Because of our modern, professional-grade equipment, we can handle even the most demanding drilling conditions with competency.


Well Casing

Clouser Drilling purchases large quantities of high-quality steel well casing to save clients money.

Available in diameters ranging from 6 to 10 inches with wall thicknesses from .250 inches to .375 inches, among others, our well casing helps ensure the longevity and stamina of your well.

We place casing in competent bedrock or through gravel, sand, or clay with a goal of sealing off unstable materials.

Well Liners

Our well liner utilizes Certa-Lok’s field-proven, spline-locking design to form a full strength joint instantly. Holding up to all weather conditions, these liners work without solvents, arc welding, or reinforcement screw attachments. Also available is a flush-threaded schedule 40 PVC liner. The benefit of this liner is it has no bell couplers which help reduce friction. Both products are available with laser-cut screens to allow water to move freely into the pump.

Additionally, Clouser Drilling is your source for products related to commercial wells, geothermal wells, environmental wells, agricultural wells, community wells and dewatering wells.


Along with providing well owners with quality products, Clouser Drilling offers a full range of services to residential and commercial clients. Here are just a few of the services offered by our licensed and bonded drillers:


Our knowledgeable office staff assists clients by researching the area based on well log records for important drilling data. Combined with our extensive industry experience we can provide important feedback for a successful project. Plus, we can recommend a variety of reputable and experienced sub-contractors to help complete the project.

Site Preparation

At Clouser Drilling, we clear vegetation and perform other tasks in order to effectively prepare your site for a new well. Our goal is to achieve the best overall water system for your family or business.

Well Inspection

As part of our thorough well inspection process, we perform an assessment of the casing and well cap using a state-of-the-art camera. Our goal is to limit the presence of outside contaminants and debris, while ensuring the well continues to produce water for years to come.

Free Estimates

Take advantage of our free estimates to help you plan your well project into your construction or property upgrade budget. We clearly outline the scope of work and itemize the costs so there are no surprises. We offer well services for new wells, well deepening, well repair, and if needed, well abandonment services.