Clouser Drilling Environmental & Geothermal Water Wells Services for Medford OR

Veteran owned, Clouser Drilling is a licensed water and monitoring well constructor in the State of Oregon. We are versed in government work at all levels, prior experience includes Federal, State, and local government organizations. This includes the Veterans Association, Oregon U.S Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Oregon Water Resources Department, Josephine and Jackson County, local municipalities, and more.

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Our credentials:

4XL348312781712371101781 – “Water Well Drilling”

Past Projects:

New Observation Well – State Of Oregon (Oregon Water Resources Department)

Date of Construction: 05/10/2023-05/16/2023

Location: 159 E Fork Rd, Williams, Oregon 97544

Well ID: 150761

Well Specifications
Bore12 in.0-78 ft.Clay, Boulders, Sand
Bore10 in.78-150 ft.Quartz, Applegate Group
Bore6 in.150-340 ft.Quartz, Applegate Group
Casing6 in.+1.5 – 150 ft.Steel
Temporary Casing10 in.+2 – 80’Steel
Sanitary Seal12 in.0-78 ft.Cement w/ 5% Bentonite
Sanitary Seal10 in.78-150 ft.Cement w/ 5% Bentonite
Drilling MethodRotary MudRotary Air
0.1 GPM290 ft.
Clouser Drilling Government Water Well Drilling Services for Medford, OR

Decommission Water Well – Josephine County Airport

Date of Construction: 09/29/2017 – 09/29/2017

Location: 1441 Brookside Rd Grants Pass, OR 97526

Start Card: 1036511

Well Specifications
Original Bore6 in.0–92 ft
Drill out wood and stuck pump until native soil at 92’. Perforate steel casing from 20’ – 71’. Pump cement grout via tremie pipe at bottom of borehole. Force cement packer to 20’. Top off borehole with cement.
Clouser Drilling Government Water Wells Services for Medford OR

New Observation Well – State of Oregon (Oregon Water Resources Department)

Date of Construction: 06/02/2015 – 07/16/2015

Location: 23242 Cherrywood Lane Chiloquin, Oregon 97624

Well ID: 118358

Well Specifications
Bore16 in.0–123 ft.Claystone, Siltstone, Basalt
Bore10 in.123–920 ft.Claystone, Siltstone, Basalt
Bore6 in.920–1000 ft.Claystone, Siltstone, Basalt
Casing10 in.+1-124 ft.Steel
Casing6 in.2-920 ft.Steel
Sanitary Seal16 in.0-123 ft.Cement
Sanitary Seal10 in.123–920 ft.Cement
Drilling MethodRotary Air
250 Gpm112 ft.
Clouser Drilling Government Water Well Drilling Services for Medford, OR

New Water Well – Veterans Administration Domiciliary

Date of Construction: 12/11/2014

Location: 8495 Hwy. 62 White City, Oregon 97503

Well ID: L117088

Well Specifications
Bore16 in.0–38.5 ft.Clay, Gravel, Sand Claystone
Bore12 in.38.5–200 ft.Clay, Gravel, Sand Claystone
Casing12 in.+1.5-38.5 ft.Steel
Well Liner8 in.0–200 ft.Steel
Sanitary Seal16 in.0-38 ft.Bentonite
Drilling MethodRotary Air
20 Gpm5 ft.
Clouser Drilling Government Water Well Drilling Services for Medford, OR