Clouser Drilling New Well Drilling Services for Medford OR

Need a new well? Many rural southern Oregonians rely on well water for their homes. New wells may be for existing homes or new construction. Drilling depth and construction depends on the location as Southern Oregon encompasses diverse geology. The geological composition of the region plays a crucial role in determining the availability and quality of water. Having an experienced well drilling contractor is invaluable to maximizing results and protecting this critical investment.

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Have an existing well? If you have an existing well that is not providing enough water, or has other issues, we may be able to remedy the problem by deepening or repairing the original well!

Deepening or cleaning an existing well is possible and advantageous in certain situations. State laws, accessibility and confidence in success dictate whether a water well can or should be deepened/cleaned. See FAQ for more information on well deepening.

Repair may be needed for a variety of reasons. This could be due to damaged surface casing, plugged screen intervals, damaged sanitary seal, etc. Repairs can range from simple to involved. Symptoms and accessibility dictate the appropriate solution.

Clouser Drilling Well Deepening, Cleaning & Repair Services for Medford OR
Clouser Drilling Water Well Decommissioning Services for Medford OR

Have a well that’s no longer needed? Typically, unused wells are abandoned when they are no longer safe, legal or practical for accessing groundwater. Proper well abandonment is critical in protecting our groundwater aquifers from contamination.