Celebrating a remarkable milestone: 1 Million Feet!

We are very thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our business: we have reached a total of 1 Million feet drilled in Southern Oregon since 1971! Our journey began back in 1971 when Leroy drilled our very first well in Cave Junction, reaching a depth of 92 feet and producing an impressive 20 gallons per minute. Since then, we have strategically drilled, foot by foot, providing this essential water resource to countless Southern Oregonians.

You may be wondering, how deep is 1 million feet anyway? These comparisons may astonish you!

City Skyline Under White Sky

Empire State Building stacked 800 times! Imagine viewing the Empire State Building from the streets of New York City. Now, imagine if you were looking at the Empire State Building stacked 800 times upon itself. That would be approximately the same vertical distance as 1 million feet.

Deeper than the Challenger Deep! Located within the Mariana Trench, the Challenger Deep is the deepest known point of the Earth’s oceans. 1 million feet surpasses this deepest point by about 30 times! Incredible!

Island on Blue Water Surrounded by Moutain

3,000 Football Fields! Lay out 3,000 football fields, from endzone to endzone. That would be about 1 million feet if it were laid out vertically. Now that would be one long touchdown pass! 30 times! Incredible!

Take a road trip! If you take a beautiful drive from Crater Lake National Park to Redwood National Park, you’d travel approximately 1 million feet! On this beautiful drive, you would pass countless wells drilled by Clouser, including our very first well in Cave Junction drilled in 1971.

Your unwavering support has allowed us to continue our mission: providing clean, pure water to our neighbors and communities. Each well we drill is more than a technical achievement; it’s a lifeline that sustains lives, nourishes families, and connects us all. To our wonderful customers who have entrusted us as their well contractor over the years, we extend our deepest gratitude. Without your trust and partnership, our journey would not be possible.

As we look ahead, we remain committed to service, professionalism, and integrity. Together, we’ll continue to strive to make a positive impact—one well at a time.

Thank you for being part of our Clouser Drilling family.

feet and counting!

A historic milestone

Thanks to you, our customers!