Grant Fund Available

Oregon Water Resources Department has recently announced the availability of funds for the Well Abandonment, Repair, and Replacement Fund. This fund offers financial aid to households with low to moderate income, aiding in the replacement of under-performing wells.

Application Invitation – Water Well Abandonment, Repair, and Replacement Funding

Grant Applications Available
The Oregon Water Resources Department (OWRD) invites low to moderate income landowners to submit applications for Well Abandonment, Repair, and Replacement Fund grants.
Well Abandonment, Repair, and Replacement Fund Summary
The Well Abandonment, Repair, and Replacement Fund (WARRF) provides grants to qualifying homeowners to reimburse them for the cost to repair or replace and abandon a dry or severely declining well or a well that was damaged or destroyed by wildfire that is unable to supply water for household purposes. The well must have provided household water for individual households, or members of a federally recognized tribe in Oregon.
Please see the WARRF Guidance for Homeowner’s document for additional information.
Grant Awards: Funding up to $40,000 per grant will be awarded to eligible applicants who submit completed applications in the order received until all funds have been awarded.
Eligibility: The household is low to moderate income.
The property is the homeowner’s only residence (unless displaced by natural disaster), and the homeowner does not own any additional property.
The well is connected to the home for the purpose of supplying water for drinking, culinary, washing, bathing, a small household garden, or other household uses.
The well is unable to supply enough water for household purposes.
The property does not have an alternate source of water available.
Total Funding Available: $1 million
How to Apply: Application materials are available online. Please mail the complete application form, proof of income eligibility, and estimates for all of the work to be completed to:
Oregon Water Resources Department
Attention: Well Fund
725 Summer Street NE, Suite A
Salem, OR 97301

Dry Well Reporting:
 Reporting a dry well helps scientists and water managers better understand changes in groundwater supplies and how those changes may be impacting people who rely on those supplies. OWRD requests all Oregonians who are experiencing a dry well to report it here.

For more information, please contact:
Lisa Kingsley | 503-779-5763 |

This program represents an excellent opportunity for Southern Oregon homeowners to address water supply issues they may be dealing with. Our team is well-acquainted with this program and are committed to assisting grant applicants to secure funding for their water supply well needs. We encourage potential applicants to submit their applications promptly, as the availability of funds is subject to the volume of applications received by the department and may be time-sensitive.

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